You are the universe experiencing itself.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Artist Statement

I figured it would be worth throwing up my recently revised artist statement on here. I am quite happy with this new version and with a lot of thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Naomi, who helped me through long hours to bring it from mediocre to something I really feel quite proud of. She has a great Tumblr of writing and cartoons called All My Friends Are Employed, among many other projects she works on. I'm really lucky to have someone so smart and skilled in so many ways looking out for me.

Anyway, here is my statement:

A photograph is often considered to be a singular, frozen moment of time. However, within every photograph lies a duration of time, since scientifically, time is understood as infinitely divisible and can never be reduced to a single point.
I am no scientist, but I think that as an artist I am in the same business of understanding the world, and I use the camera as both a tool of artistic expression and an instrument of scientific observation. My curiosity is focused on space, time, and the cosmos; I am interested in how we experience and perceive them, and am fueled by a desire to understand our place within it. However, unlike a scientist, I neither seek nor offer any answers, only thoughts, meditations, and ruminations.
Time, space, light, and matter are the principal subjects of my work. They are the foundations of our experiences, yet most of us are content to hold only simple notions of them. I want my audience to wonder about the relativity of space and time, and the infinite existence of matter. I want them to consider the vast distance traveled by light from a star, which may be older than our own Earth or may be from a star that is no longer there. 
Human existence in this universe is thought of as isolated, indifferent, and insignificant, but the timeless matter that forms our bodies was once dispersed from the death of a star. Even if we choose ignorance the fact remains that we are participants in the Cosmos. Day or night, the stars never disappear.