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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Since I'm on a roll, here's more work fresh from this semester.

These photos were shot on 645 with a 1:1 macro lens at my TV screen connected to my PC displaying old Windows 95-98 era icons, and the two last ones are taken from this image. It started out just as something fun I wanted to try one day, but I like how it has turned out so far. The path of visual translation is kind of amusing to me, that it starts out as pixels on a screen, which is then interpreted into grain on the film, that is then transferred back into pixels, and then finally rendered as points on inkjet prints.

This may also be a reaction from listening to a lot of Vaporwave recently.

More things from Utah!

While I'm at it...

Boulders. Moab, Utah

Black & white 4" x 5"

Taken this past summer on a travel course with Linda Connor to southern Utah.

On one of our last days in Moab I took the car and rushed down to these boulders on the side of the road along the Colorado River. It was already evening and everyone else was at our camp waiting for dinner, it was my opportunity to get out there even though we were passing by that spot every day. I only had about an hour to drive out there, get some shots, and get back not too late for dinner, and it took about 15-20 minutes to get there from our camp. Working like a madman I managed to punch out six exposures which all turned out pretty good, and when I got back to camp everyone was still waiting for dinner. I even narrowly dodged a deer on the road back.

It is on my "list of things" to expand on this project using some local Bay Area boulders.

Oh and I almost forgot: prints of these are going to be in an exhibition of SFAI photo students hosted by the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien) this month. And I will also have them up for the Utah class exhibition in Z-Space coming soon.

New Video Work in Progress

Here's a few clips showing some of the video work I've been up to lately. I first experimented with these things last Spring but I didn't keep it up, but now I'm picking it up again (as if I need anymore simultaneous projects...)

Also, here's another thing I did with the Moon.

Bear in mind none of this is really meant to be finished work, which is why I am hesitant to put it out, but I don't think it matters.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Timelines pt.1

Here are some timelines from my first year at SFAI.

Bay water surface. 2013

waves on a beach in Kauai. 2014 

Tree grove in Presidio. 2013 

Courtyard in Fort Point. 2014

These are the best ones that represent only a small portion of the huge number of rolls that I shot. Most of the time nothing is resolved onto the film, it tends to just turn into nothing but blurred, indiscernible streaks. About 1 in 3 actually comes up with enough detail for me to recognize the shot, and then maybe 1 out of 3 of those is good enough to work with. So that means out of 9 or 10 rolls I can expect one good one, but thankfully I load my own cassettes with lengths shorter than your normal 24 exposure roll. Even still, I think I get about 40 rolls out of every 100 foot bulk roll of 35mm.

I think more recently I've been able to improve my technique a bit to get better ratios, but I think I'm going to start loading my film even shorter for now on. Also, I've once again tried working with color, both positive and negative, and this time I've had much better results than before. I think my best results came from some expired Provia 400, but Ektachrome 100 also seems to work well. The only problem is that no color film of any kind is sold in 100ft bulk rolls anymore. Which is incredibly frustrating, I don't think any color film is even available as 24 exp versus 36, which is absurdly long for the rewinding even with the motor (and by hand it just straight up sucks). I was lucky with the Provia 400 because it was expired when I bought it a while ago back in Reno, and it was a 100ft roll. So I guess now I have to start trolling eBay for unused and expired bulk color 35mm.