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Monday, January 27, 2014

"2 Degrees" MFA Invitational Show at Sierra Nevada College

This Thursday is the reception night for gallery exhibition "2 Degrees" at SNC which is featuring two new prints of mine. The show is a MFA invitational which features SNC alumni currently in MFA programs around the country who also invite another student from their school. It occupies two galleries: the Tahoe Gallery and the brand new "Garage Door Gallery" as part of the new building for the fine arts department.

My work will be in both galleries, one in each. One of them is actually a photo that I had printed before, but with dubious results, and ended up being cut into smaller sections. Unfortunately I don't have an image of that one, but the print looked good before I sent it off, and I'll be sure to document it when I head up this Thursday. The other one, which is in the Tahoe Gallery, is actually my most recent piece. I had actually taken this photo while on vacation in Kauai and in less than a week of getting back it was developed, scanned, printed and installed. I do have a photo of this one (although just a cellphone picture).

The dimensions are 17" by 17', black and white inkjet on matte. This photo uses my rewinding process with the camera on a fixed spot of a beach with the ocean washing in and out.

The other print is the same dimensions and shows a 360 degree view of a grove of trees.

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