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Monday, September 30, 2013

Long Lost Update

Better late than never. This update is long overdue and unfortunately it won't be a very fulfilling one either. In the time since I last posted anything here the most significant development is that I applied, was accepted to, and am now attending graduate school at the San Francisco Art Institute as a candidate for a MFA in Photography. As a result I am now living in San Francisco and finally getting down to doing more (art)work.

Currently I have picked up on my timeline pieces again, where I expose 35mm film as I rewind it through the camera. I recently was able to try this technique on a bicycle race in San Francisco (Giro di SF) and it produced some awesome results. Hopefully very soon I will have a system for motorizing the rewinding for a more consistent exposure, which though it will have its benefits may also have some drawbacks to be seen.

... Hahah so here I even forgot to post this update for several weeks now. Oops. Real update with some new stuff soon to come.