You are the universe experiencing itself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scale Test

Here is a quick test I did on the approximate relative scale of the sun (the small dot, 2mm diameter) and VY Canis Majoris (the large arc, 4m diameter) the largest known star, 1800-2100 solar radii.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Photos from High Desert

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my NWGN410: High Desert Installations course last summer.

Ice Climbing

Not so much art related, but the weekend before this semester started I went on a two day ice climbing class in Lee Vining, CA. I got a GoPro and made this video with the footage I got.

Truck Timelines

This is a scan of a single piece of 35mm film, cut into two parts. A simple explanation of the process is that I hold the shutter open as I rewind the film. In this case the camera was stationary while the truck drove past. If you think of how a flatbed scanner works it is somewhat similar. In the case of these trucks, the perspective is flattened, and the front of the truck exists in a different space of time from the back.

Prints of these were exhibited in the SNC Student, Faculty, and Alumni Show at the Hobson Gallery in Reno, NV in December 2011.

Schrodinger's Cup

In these glass plates there is a cup in a 4-6 minute exposure and halfway through the exposure I drop a brick onto the cup. I was thinking about how it shows both states of the cup in a space of time compressed into a single photo. The cup exists both intact and destroyed in the photo. A fundamental law of the universe is that matter and energy doesn't just disappear into non-existence. It can disperse to infinity but it never goes away completely. All the pieces, every particle of the cup will exist forever.

Also, when considering that all the matter on earth, even the matter that makes up our own bodies descended from stars. To me the exploding of the cup speaks to the supernova of a star, the process that results in the dispersal of matter.

Couple most recent items

Two glass plates from last weekend. First is a self portrait at Pyramid Lake, and the second is on the Black Rock Playa (where Burning Man is held) with my friend Logan.