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Monday, July 11, 2011

SNC Summer Workshop: Tahoe Digital Landscape Photography With Jerry Dodrill

This past month I did a five day workshop from June 27th thru July 1st in Tahoe at Sierra Nevada College. Jerry Dodrill taught the workshop which was focused on digital photography in the Tahoe landscape. It was refreshing to get a chance to use digital again since I've used black and white film almost exclusively for the past year. I learned quite a bit though, and in a number of different areas; from using my equipment effectively, to working in the field, and even how to get up at 3:30am to shoot at sunrise.

Here are some of the photos I came out with.

One of the best things I learned about was using my DSLR and an intervalometer to create a time lapse, which I did for my final project of the workshop. This was the final result:

I am very excited with how it turned out, but I mostly consider it a test run. I will be exploring time lapse work much more in the near future, possibly for my BFA even. I already have a few plans so expect to see more as a play around.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Begin Summer

My second semester at Sierra Nevada College is now over and it ended quite fantastically. After my Junior Art Portfolio Review I was accepted as a candidate for the BFA. I was also invited to display my work at the first ever SNC Student Symposium where I was given an honorable mention. Finally, this past Friday I received the "Bust Out Award" from the Fine Arts Department at SNC. Here the road begins to my BFA show, which I expect to do as soon as next Spring.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Used Camera

Which is more important: The camera body or the lens? Obviously it is very difficult to create any sort of photo without one or the other, but the camera body dictates very little of the effect of light on the film (or sensor). In this regard it is most definitely the lens which determines the quality of the final image. One could have a top-of-the-line $5000 DSLR with mega-megapixels, but with poor quality lenses you will still have poor quality images (which is fine if that is what you want).

This brings me to my latest acquisition: A Yashica FX-3 Super 2000. It is a bit dirty and even a bit rusty, but it works and I am very excited to have it for $30. The reason I am so excited is because this cheap little unassuming 35mm SLR uses the C/Y lens mount, the very same mount used for the Contax Ziess T* MM line of lenses. These lenses are known for their superb quality and design, comparable to even Leica.

I bought the Yashica even though I already have a Contax RTS III body, which is a wonderful camera, but it is big, heavy, expensive, and requires batteries (often). The Yashica is none of those; it is cheap ($30), small, light, and fully mechanical (only using a battery for a light meter). I feel like this little camera is one of the best kept secrets in photo equipment, I was very excited to find out about it. I thought I was going to have to wait until I could afford a Contax S2 to have a fully manual and mechanical body for Contax lenses.

While it is nice to have such a nice cheap body I can now throw around, I still can't throw it around as long as I use Contax lenses on it. It goes without saying the lenses are not cheap and it would be very regrettable to abuse them. Also, I only have one lens: a 50mm f/1.4 (the very basic). Right now I only hope to one day obtain a 85mm f/1.4 or a 28mm f/2, since currently I mostly use my Contax 645 medium format camera. I will likely be adding another lens to my kit for that soon.

I could go on and on about Contax gear, but for now I have a new toy to play with.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Junior Art Portfolio Review

Finally here are some photos of my work I put up for JAPR. Each piece is a photograph taken in 645 medium format black and white film and enlarged to about 37 inches wide on photographic paper.

Monday, March 21, 2011

JAPR Progress

After two long days of work I've pretty much finished my hanging system for my mural prints that are for my Junior Art Portfolio Review. All that is left for me to do now is install and then prepare for the show on Friday. Here are a few images showing some of the process:

Aluminum flat bar after cleaning and cutting.

Initial drilling.

After drilling counter-sink holes.

Fitting the face bolts.

Bracket assembly.

By the end of the day I had one photo already completed and hung on the wall, but it is only temporary until I install tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have to admit that browsing through antique stores can actually be quite fun, and it is easy to find small treasures like this. It is a glass plate 4x5 negative. I can only imagine when or where it is from, but a horse drawn carriage is visible in the background. I am going to try printing this at some point, but unfortunately the corner broke in my carelessness. I glued it back on but lets see if it can survive the trip home.