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Monday, March 9, 2015

Artist Statement

I figured it would be worth throwing up my recently revised artist statement on here. I am quite happy with this new version and with a lot of thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Naomi, who helped me through long hours to bring it from mediocre to something I really feel quite proud of. She has a great Tumblr of writing and cartoons called All My Friends Are Employed, among many other projects she works on. I'm really lucky to have someone so smart and skilled in so many ways looking out for me.

Anyway, here is my statement:

A photograph is often considered to be a singular, frozen moment of time. However, within every photograph lies a duration of time, since scientifically, time is understood as infinitely divisible and can never be reduced to a single point.
I am no scientist, but I think that as an artist I am in the same business of understanding the world, and I use the camera as both a tool of artistic expression and an instrument of scientific observation. My curiosity is focused on space, time, and the cosmos; I am interested in how we experience and perceive them, and am fueled by a desire to understand our place within it. However, unlike a scientist, I neither seek nor offer any answers, only thoughts, meditations, and ruminations.
Time, space, light, and matter are the principal subjects of my work. They are the foundations of our experiences, yet most of us are content to hold only simple notions of them. I want my audience to wonder about the relativity of space and time, and the infinite existence of matter. I want them to consider the vast distance traveled by light from a star, which may be older than our own Earth or may be from a star that is no longer there. 
Human existence in this universe is thought of as isolated, indifferent, and insignificant, but the timeless matter that forms our bodies was once dispersed from the death of a star. Even if we choose ignorance the fact remains that we are participants in the Cosmos. Day or night, the stars never disappear.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Index Mortalis

One more thing for this wave of updates... For my last project in my letterpress class I published a new book titled "Index Mortalis".

It's just a little guy at about 4" x 5.5" and inside there are no photos, just my writing about photography and how it relates to death and ghosts. The entire book is printed by letterpress, including the cover, and inside all the text is made from my own handwriting that I scanned to make photopolymer plates.

There are five copies in the first edition, excluding one artist proof. Each is signed and numbered, and each one has a little bit of unique character in its print. Also, two of the five has specially embossed end-sheets.

At this time I am not quite prepared to offer these for sale yet. I have an idea of a price that I am still deliberating on, but I also need to consider if I want to include this in my thesis exhibition this coming spring and if i want to risk needing to publish a second edition. I'm just not sure if I will have the time in the coming months, not to mention that I still need to publish an edition of my first book "Space | Time"

SFAI Concentrate Art Sale

On the subject of recent events of this last semester, I also participated in the art sale at SFAI's Concentrate shindig. I had no idea what to expect because it was my first time and this year they had the most students participating ever, but it actually went very well over the two days.

Here's a crappy snap of my little booth setup:

By far the most popular item was the letterpress print that reads "Some day you just want to smash some fucking particles" but I sold a few of everything else too. Not too many photographs sold though, other than the ones of star-trails, but I blame myself for having too many and they were just 5x7 inkjet prints. It was nice to get a chance to show my proof of "Space | Time" also, and I had a few people ask about purchasing it, but unfortunately it is just a proof with an edition coming (hopefully) soon which will be for sale (My goal will be to have an edition of 5 or 10 in time for the MFA thesis exhibition in May.) Another great part of the sale was getting to distribute my classy letterpressed business cards. In that photo you can see my box practically full with them, but by the end I think there were less than half remaining... So I guess I'll need to print (and cut, damnit) more sooner than I thought.

Rock, Paper, Petroglyph

Last month I had some work up in Z-Space SF as part of a group show for the travel course to Southern Utah I took last summer with Linda Connor. The opening reception was a fun with a lot of people showing up, mostly familiar faces since the location doesn't exactly attract foot traffic. Of course I am thankful for my mom Iris Fraser, my lovely lady Naomi Shepherd, and her friend Akhil Naini for coming out to support me. Here are some photos of my pieces installed:

Mine are the middle four and long top one.
The large photo to the right of mine is actually a photo of me by Cameron Van Loos 

Closer detail of the four boulders.

And here's some photos from the opening courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography and Rachelle Bussieres:

 Special thanks to John Chiara for coming out for the show too!
And Linda Connor who joined us straight from the airport after her flight back from Vienna.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Since I'm on a roll, here's more work fresh from this semester.

These photos were shot on 645 with a 1:1 macro lens at my TV screen connected to my PC displaying old Windows 95-98 era icons, and the two last ones are taken from this image. It started out just as something fun I wanted to try one day, but I like how it has turned out so far. The path of visual translation is kind of amusing to me, that it starts out as pixels on a screen, which is then interpreted into grain on the film, that is then transferred back into pixels, and then finally rendered as points on inkjet prints.

This may also be a reaction from listening to a lot of Vaporwave recently.

More things from Utah!

While I'm at it...